Yeah me too. I think we should definitely try to get our blog out there and post as much as we can. 

I know the blog DrugstorePrincess. It is an amazing beauty blog, but I’ve heard they are very overwhelmed by the amount of messages they get per day.

Yeah that would be great! It would a beauty blog similar to BeautyVIPS. 

I was thinking of having a group beauty blog where we can help others and post videos, tutorials, tips, tricks, and etc on beauty, but also have a “chatroom” where we can discuss and/or people can ask us questions :o

I would favor this to be a beauty blog. :)

Would you girls like to make this into some sort of a discussion board? Beauty Blog? Other?

Hey loves! My name is Priscilla and I am so happy to join this blog with you <3 

I hope to post more beauty/fashion/makeup related things soon. I think we should set up an “ask” and “submit” option for our followers so we can get this blog going. :)

i am doing good :)

P.S once there’s more people joining the group, we can all like introduce ourselves

I’m good Wbu? :)

Hey Hey :)

How’s this beautiful lady doing?